Hat Heat Press | Hand Held

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Intuitive Display Screen:This hat heat press machine equips a digital display screen showing the real-time heating temperature and countdown, which allows you to monitor the pressing process.  

Adjustable Heat Settings:Supported by the flexible temperature and time settings Max temperature:200℃ Time: 600s
Multifunctional Design:The heat press's home-friendly design enables portable and space-saving convenience. Combined with the sturdy lid and match ironing mat, it guarantees strong support and suitability for the heat plate and materials. 

Fast & Even Heat:The Press adopts a cast aluminum heat plate and NTC(Negative Temperature Coefficient) technology for heating up efficiently and safely. The premium heat plate delivers uniform temperature edge-to-edge while lasting longer for further use.
Safety-Conscious Feature:This heat press machine is capable of shutting itself off after 15 minutes of inactivity, securing you and your family greatly along the craft journey.
For Diverse Hat Styles:The Hat Heat Press is designed to serve every hat lover with its exclusive curved plate and ironing mat, suiting a variety of hat and cap blanks, such as structured caps and low-profile caps. Best for memorable gifts, advertisements, promotional activities, and so on.
Quick Start
1. Press the "Power" button to power on your Hat Heat Press;
2. Press the "Set,+,-" button to set the proper time and temperature;
3. Place the ironing mat on the storage lid;
4. Put your hat and materials on top of the ironing mat;
5. Press the "Power" button and apply the machine;
6. Share your creation with family and friends.
Colors: White
Temperature: 100-200℃
Dimensions: 20.5 × 16.5 × 16 cm