How To Recolour Your Designs

If your unsure or just want to make sure your prints come out crips and clean we recommend following this handy guide to recolouring your prints for printing.

Import Or Create Your Design In Adobe Illustrator

Adobe illustrator is the easiest way to recolour prints. while you are free to do this in any other programs this is the one we can guarantee works. Simply open or create your design in Illustrator to begin.

Edit Colours

Once you have your design ready simply head to the top menu select Edit and then scroll down to Edit Colours, From here in the options given you'll need to select Adjust Colour Balance.

Adjust Colour Balance

Once you have selected this option it will open a new dialogue box from here you can adjust each option by 1% this won't make a difference to the naked eye but still allows the printer to pick up the correct colour for printing.

Export Your Artwork

Now that you've successfully recoloured your artwork to be print ready, all that's left to do is export the design. To do this head back to the top menu and select File from the drop down select Export from here the best way to export with the most control over how it exports is to select Export As.

Ensuring The Background Is Transparent

Now that you've successfully moved on to exporting your artwork the Export As dialogue box will open from here please ensure the file type you are exporting is PNG and give it a name and save. A new box will open. Please ensure that the resolution is set to high and the background colour is set to Transparent. Then click Ok and your design is ready for print!