Pressing instructions

Dead Set Threads Pressing Instructions

Each printing company will have different press instructions that yield the best results for their prints. We provide this information to get the best performance and longevity out of our prints. Pressing any other way can compromise the prints.

We recommend using a clam shell heat press that can equally distribute heat and pressure across the heat bed as this yields the best results when pressing.

Dead Set Threads Press Instructions

This information is specific to prints you have received from Dead Set Threads. Pressing our prints any other way will impact the quality and in some cases destroy your prints.

Step 1 - Press Settings

Firstly you will need a clam shell heat press, you can use any brand you like so long as you are able to set the temperature on the machine.

Set your temperature to 150 degrees celsius

Troubleshooting: If you find your press is not pressing properly after following all provided instructions we recommend using heat strips to test if it is delivering equal heat across the whole heat bed. you can purchase heat strips for testing temperature here

Step 2 - Print Placement

Now that your heat press has reached pressing temperature you can now place your garment on the soft bed of the heat press, line your garment up and then place your print where ever you deem it is best. To help with print placements you can purchase placement rulers for garments that may help while you are learning.

Step 3 - Print Protection

You will need to use either non stick baking paper or teflon paper to use as a barrier of protection between the print and heat press. If you choose to not follow this step you can risk ruining your heat press and the print itself. Both the baking paper and teflon sheets can be purchased cheap from your local supermarket or teflon sheets can be purchased here

Step 4 - Press

Now you are ready to press your prints. we recommend you press for 20 seconds at the temperature stated above.

After the 20 seconds is complete you will peel the film from the print and press again for a further 10 seconds. Please ensure when you press for the second time you are using the teflon sheet or baking paper as a layer of protection.

Step 5 - Wear

Once your garment has cooled it is ready to wear and you now have an epic custom item that will last!